Cornerstone Baptist Church
Sunday, December 16, 2018
Teach Us to Number Our Days







Bible Study Program

Could ye not watch with me one hour?
Matthew 26:40

Join us as we read and study the Word of God! 

Show your determination to be a better Christian by making a commitment to spend an hour with the Lord every day in prayer and Bible study. 
Sharpen your discipline by making it an organized time.
  • Start with a time of prayer, asking God to bless the time and make it profitable. 
  • Follow by reading a passage in the New Testament every day. 
  • Then spend the rest of the hour reading through the Old Testament. 
Strengthen your doctrine by learning something about God or something that God wants you to do every day.
Increase your discernment by committing to seeing how it fits into God's Word and your life.
Improve your direction by letting God and God's word direct your life.
Intensify your devotion by consciously yielding something to God and subduing your flesh each day.